Eurobot Robotics Competition

Eurobot is an amateur robotics competition. Within the second year of my degree at Middlesex University I was required to build and compete with the competition.

The game objective changes every year with the 2006 topic being “Funny Golf”. I was elected as the leader of a team which we named The Etalian Job team.

The Rules:

“Two robots on a golf course…
The team which inserts the most white balls in his holes at the end of the match will be the winner.
But be careful, it is also possible to insert black balls in the opponent’s holes to prevent him from scoring!”
Source Eurobot

The Pitch:

The Team:

The team made up of Mubarack Kaduji and myself formed “The Etalian Job Team”. The pun behind the team name was our aim; to go to Italy and steal the gold…we didn’t quite live up to our name, but won the UK heats and went on to represent the UK in the World finals earning a respectable 42nd place.


Cooper (Mini Cooper…get it!)) was powered by two 6v batteries and controlled by a PICAXE-18X microcontroller. A high power 12v rotating fan controlled by a relay switch provided the teams biggest asset. The microcontroller gave the team a basic 5 input and 8 output channel which allowed execution of a cunning team tactic…

The Tactics:

The main tactic of the team was to blow the balls to a location to collect the balls using a high power fan positioned at the front of the robot. Once balls had been collected the robot would follow a pre determined route to deposit any balls collected within its hopper.

The Sponsors

The team secured much needed sponsorship from Blackbox AVRapid Electronics and Middlesex Teaching Resources. A huge thanks goes out to the sponsors.

Please click here to download a press release.

The Etalian job team have been in the press: link


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July 27, 2007

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